Your trusted and reliable link to the supply & purchase of petroleum & petrochemical products of Russian origin.

We're an independent Oil & Gas Company located in Moscow, Russian Federation.

Established in the year 2008, with the goal of using our relationships with top major and private petroleum refineries and suppliers to develop opportunities in the Upstream Oil and Gas Sector and excuting transaction with credible petroleum buyers.


At LLC "Promresurs" we use a subsurface driven approach to understand and develop oil and natural gas properties that fit within an economic framework. 


We're a leading independent energy company with a business model that can stand the test of time. We measure success in the returns we deliver to our investors. With a strong balance sheet, a disciplined capital investment philosophy and growth-oriented, long-term planning process, we have the resources, foresight and expertise to deliver value year after year..


As an independent exploration and souring company, LLC "Promresurs" energizes the world by safely and responsibly delivering oil and natural gas to the marketplace requested by our customers. Our people are driven by a spirit of innovation and a commitment to our partners and communities.


LLC "Promresurs" has succeeded where others would not venture - applying global experience to safely and responsibly create new opportunities. The company has proven its ability to move from discovery to efficient execution of large-scale development projects. 


We operate with the flexibility and agility to succeed in any environment and to strategically grow and explore new opportunities worldwide. Our proven ability to execute safely, responsibly and efficiently underpins our financial strength. Explore our assets, meet our people and see how they are setting new standards of operational excellence and being a positive force in our communities.



LLC Promresurs is different from Promresurs LLC.

Also do beware of impostors claiming to be LLC Promresurs or its representative and have cloned our logo, details and set up fake account with email address. Our only email address is

Do contact us for verification whenever you receive any offer claiming to emanate from LLC Promresurs.

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